Spirit of Munro YAK-3 Barley Vodka 350ml

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Type Barley Vodka
ABV 35.0%


Our new Vodka celebrates the “Spirit of Munro”, the Indian motorcycle community and the Burt Munro Challenge finally re-starting again! After years of restrictions it is great to see the largest motorcycle event in the Southern Hemisphere taking place in Southland, in February 2023. 

Burt’s legend inspires Kiwis around the world, including pilot Graeme Frew, setting air-speed records in his lovingly restored World War II fighter plane “YAK-3 Full Noise”. In 2024/2025 Graeme will attempt to set new records in Nevada’s famed air-races; the World’s fastest motorsport. 

Our 3rd "Spirit of Munro" release YAK-3 Barley Vodka is launched to support Graeme and his team, on his quest on breaking records with his fighter plane called "Full Noise” race number 35. 

10% of all proceeds from this deliciously soft, fruity and flavoursome vodka go towards supporting Graeme in getting the plane over to Nevada. Don't miss out, buy yours now!