Oamaruvian Cask Strength Single Malt 100ml

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Type Single Malt
ABV 52,4%
Barrel American Oak Ex-Bourbon, French Oak Ex-Red Wine


The Oamaruvian Cask Strength is now available as a bold & beautiful single malt whisky. After maturing in ex-bourbon barrels for 3 years, the Oamaruvian has gained a beautiful rusty red, burnt umber colour while ageing in NZ pinot noir barrels for an additional 1.5 years.

With rich flavours of christmas cake, spices and madeira – this single malt whisky is bold and heavy – yet elegant, like an elephant dressed up in a ballet tutu. Big but surprisingly smooth.



Nose Christmas cake, dates, fortified wine, blueberries, cinnamon and cloves, salty brine.
Rich date loaf and spicy plum pudding sit heavy on the palate.
Finish Long, lingering finish with madeira, blueberries and salty dark toffee.

Please note that these 100ml bottles are from the first batch and bottled at 52.4%  (cask Strength). Our 500ml Oamaruvian Cask Strength are a second batch and therefor bottled at cask strength 58.8%.