Single Malt MasterClass

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The evolution of whisky is fascinating. And we want to share it with you! 

Our distillers are doing such a great job with both the new-make spirit and the barrel maturation program, that it’s a crying-shame not to share with you. Take part of their everyday joy of studying how the delicious spirit dripping out of the copper still, takes up the flavours and influences of the barrel, as it is slowly maturing into whisky. 

Single Malt Masterclass : Enjoy your journey of learning!

Duo pack includes: 

  • 1x 375ml unaged Single Malt Spirit straight off the still & cut down to 45% ABV  to show case the fruit flavours and fresh cereal sweetness of the spirit.
  • 1x 375ml Single Malt Study, 1year in barrel, to showcase the cask influencing the spirit by softening its aromas with oily layers of vanillins, sticky caramel and honey notes.

Line these up against a bottle of our matured Dunedin DoubleCask or South Island Single Malt, and you’ll be able to assess the full maturation cycle.